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the beauty by Mind Map: the beauty

1. people

2. community

3. Health

4. traditions

5. in traditions beauty is essential

6. it is risky for health

7. traditions bring risky beauty methods

8. some methods could be considered as torture

9. these methods are used by women to be more attractive

10. people look more beautiful to stand out in community

11. the well known beauty standards

12. men and women modify their body

13. these practices can reduce health

14. people come to die for looking comfortable with themselves

15. the phrase "beauty hurts" makes us think about a lot

16. we think about our social circle

17. we think about ourselves and the damage it can cause us

18. But we think about what it would feel like to be the way we like to be the most

19. even more important, maybe the pain that it can cause us

20. but no matter the pain sometimes we have to decide to be happy

21. in some traditions

22. people use devices, ways of eating

23. to be more attractive, without knowing the risk they run

24. we are that

25. people in search of beauty

26. internal and external beauty

27. we are the focus and the ones who decide what to do with our body

28. it was we who created the standards

29. we create plastic surgeries and the beauty of beings

30. we are the ones who decide what is beautiful and what is not