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Social conditions in Nazi Germany by Mind Map: Social conditions in Nazi Germany
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Social conditions in Nazi Germany


National Socialist education has as its goal a kind of hyperpatriotism

A youth life

They are educated to learn military virtue to fight for the Fuhrer

educated to accept the idea of following the Fuhrer absolutely

They are educated to indoctrinate them the national socialists mentality


Religion being attacked by the Nazis party

Catholic, Total clampdown on the Catholic Church in Germany, Attack on the Catholic Church arresting priests

Confessing Church, believer sent to a concentration camp.

Religion being supported by Nazis party

German Christians, any member of the church who had Jewish ancestry should be sacked from the church, Lead by Ludwig Muller

Reich Church, The Bible was replaced by "Mein Kampf" which was placed on the altar, Nazis were allowed to give sermons in a Reich Church., The Christian cross as its symbol but the swastika.



males regained their authority and women were in no position at all

women have no seats in parliament , banned from being active in politics and public life

motherly spirt

spirit of money, Women who had encountered the National Socialist idea became their passionated supporters

wifely duties, The Nazi Party stated that the motherly spirt was the source of strength. It has a great impact on the country., Teach Nazi values to their children. Hence, by doing so their husbands can focus on their jobs., very important and honourable tasks


Christmas can be given new content, turning them into Nazi holidays rather than religious ones as part of propaganda purposes

Deepen National Socialist forms of behavior in the area of rituals and ceremonies to enhance NAZI influence

Films and movies are used as propaganda weapons

Status and paintings are used to portray Hitler as a highly dignified leader and to worship Hitler



Every woman had to, and every girl had to undress, naked, and searched internally for valuables

The hunger in the ghetto was so great and bad that people were laying on the streets and dying

Surrounded people with walls, and with guards and two to three families in a two-room apartment.


Those who resisted from going to concentration camps/ghetto or tried to hide were shot.

Fifteen thousand of Jewish people were massacred in one particular day.