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"C++" by Mind Map: "C++"

1. features

1.1. Platform or Machine Independent/ Portable.

1.2. Case sensitive. ...

1.3. High-level programming language

1.4. Popular.

2. operators

2.1. Logical operators.

2.2. Arithmetic operators

2.3. Assignment operators.

2.4. Comparison operators.

2.5. Bitwise operators.

3. the advantages

3.1. A high-level, easy-to-understand language close to human languages

3.2. The strength and speed of language is one of its most important features and the reasons for its superiority

3.3. The language has a great set of libraries to facilitate the work of programmers

3.4. Most C code can be run in the C ++ environment

3.5. It provides the user with complete control over memory management

3.6. It supports several programming styles such as procedural and object-oriented programming And the public

3.7. C ++ is one of the most requested languages ​​on the market

4. the most important uses of c++

4.1. Programming and design of video games

4.2. Various important uses depend On C Plus Plus C ++

4.3. Programming blockchain applications Blockchain

4.4. The language is used in programming systems

4.5. The language was used in developing web applications such as the Google search engine

4.6. The language was used in developing programming languages Others such as C # Java, MySQL

4.7. he language is used in programming internet browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox

5. the dis advantages

5.1. It has no security.

5.2. Complex in a very large high-level program

5.3. Used for platform-specific application commonly.

5.4. C++ can't support garbage collection.

5.5. For a particular operating system or platform, the library set has usually chosen that locks

6. Applications

6.1. Embedded Systems

6.2. Databases.

6.3. Graphics

6.4. Libraries

6.5. Browsers