Chapter 11: Human Digestive System

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Chapter 11: Human Digestive System by Mind Map: Chapter 11: Human Digestive System

1. 1. The Mouth

1.1. Physical Digestion

1.1.1. Breaking up food through chewing

1.2. Chemical Digestion

1.2.1. CARBOHYDRATES Breaks down starch into maltose Enzyme: Amylase In Bread, Potatoes and other starchy food Provides Energy

2. 2. Oesophagus

2.1. NO Physical Digestion

2.2. Chemical Digestion

2.2.1. CARBOHYDRATES Continues to breaks down starch IN CARBOHYDRATES into maltose Enzyme: Amylase

3. 3. Stomach

3.1. Physical Digestion

3.1.1. stomach churns to break the food into smaller pieces.

3.2. Chemical Digestion

3.2.1. PROTEIN Complex Protein Molecules broken down into simpler Protein Molecules Enzyme: Protease In meats , milk and cheese, soy, beans and nuts Promotes growth and repair back up source of energy

4. Parallel to Alimentary Canal

4.1. Liver

4.1.1. Produces Bile

4.2. Gall Bladder

4.2.1. Stores Bile

4.3. Pancreas

4.3.1. Produces Enzymes

5. 4. Small Intestine

5.1. Physical Digestion

5.1.1. To a small extent through the movement of food through to the small intestine

5.2. Chemical Digestion

5.2.1. CARBOHYDRATES Breaks down maltose to glucose Enzyme: maltase

5.2.2. PROTEIN Simpler Protein Molecules broken down into amino acids Enzyme: Protease

5.2.3. FATS Fats broken down into glycerol and fatty acids. Enzyme: Lipase Fats found in Butter, Oil, Cheese, Fatty meat, keeps body warm provides 2x the amount of energy as Carbohydrates

6. 5. Large Intestine

6.1. NO Physical Digestion

6.2. NO Chemical Digestion

6.3. Water and Mineral Salts reabsorbed into the body

7. 6. Rectum

7.1. Storage of Faeces

8. 7. Anus

8.1. Faeces exit through the Anus

9. Digestion is the breaking down of large, insoluble and complex food molecules into smaller, simpler and soluble molecules in the body.


10.1. speed up the process of digestion

10.2. Enzymes are not changed by the digestion reaction

11. Food Borne Diseases

11.1. Impact

11.1.1. Diarrhoea

11.1.2. Fever

11.1.3. Vomitting

11.1.4. Stomach Cramps

11.1.5. Dehydration

11.1.6. Death

11.2. Caused by

11.2.1. BACTERIA

11.3. Avoid by

11.3.1. Wash Fruit and Vegetables before eating

11.3.2. Wash hands before handing raw food or after using the toilet

11.3.3. Refrigerate food that won't be consumed immediately

11.3.4. Cover food with a cover or food wrap

11.3.5. Cook Food thoroughly

11.3.6. use separate boards for cooked and raw food