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voice by Mind Map: voice

1. modernism

1.1. 'misty halo'

1.2. 'inscrutable intention'

1.3. polyphonic narrative

1.4. Selvon past the peak of modernism and Conrad as a pre-modernist

1.5. inversion of the romantic sublime

1.5.1. 'unreal city' TS Eliot the Wasteland

1.5.2. 'forgotten river'

1.6. chiasmic nature of Thames

1.6.1. both start and end there

1.7. lack of didactic moral

1.7.1. 'immense heart of darkness'

1.7.2. deviation from Dickensian realism

1.7.3. TLL acts as a narrative of the experiences without direct moral judgement

2. narrative structure

2.1. TLL

2.1.1. Creolised english vs 'a brighter sun' in standard english 'linguistic and cultural decolonisation'

2.1.2. polyphonic

2.2. HOD

2.2.1. framed narrative reader becomes on level ground withanonymous sailor highlights unreliability of narrator 'Rivets' narrative breakdown

2.3. stream of consciousness

3. silencing voices

3.1. synecdoche

3.1.1. 'limbs'

3.1.2. 'pretty pieces of skin'

3.1.3. dehumanises and therefore reduces autonomy and voice

3.2. 'JaCol'

3.2.1. identity as race

3.3. 'whitened sepulchre'

3.3.1. implication of building on silence and death

3.4. King Leopold's letter

3.4.1. 'read but not understand'

3.5. lack of proper nouns

3.5.1. The Intended

3.5.2. London never mentioned

3.5.3. the mistress

3.5.4. daisy and other women

3.6. names

3.6.1. nominative determinism