Major Research Project

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Major Research Project by Mind Map: Major Research Project

1. How can the City of Calgary's Youth Employment Centre learn as an organization to generate innovative job search strategies for at-risk youth during the current economic recession?

2. Organizational Learning

2.1. Communities of Practice

2.1.1. Focus Groups Evolution of Employee Roles Research Methodologies

3. Areas For Innovation

3.1. Leverage Technology

3.1.1. Social Networking Determine Underutilized Strategies Transferable Job Skills High School Completion

4. Job Search Strategies

4.1. Traditional Job Postings

4.1.1. Online Job Postings Hiring Fairs Networking

5. At-risk Youths

5.1. Risk Factors

5.1.1. New Canadians

6. State of The Economy

6.1. Emerging Fields

6.1.1. Shrinking Fields Fields With Long-Term Viability

7. Career Planning Process

7.1. Self-Reflection

7.1.1. Identify Fields of Interest Research Opportunities Evaluate Options

8. Mode of Search

8.1. Passsive

8.1.1. Active Effective Ineffective

9. Barriers to Employment

9.1. Transportation

9.1.1. Appropriate Clothing To be Identified

10. Resiliency

10.1. Finding Postings

10.1.1. Succesfully Interviewing Maintaining the position

11. Generations X & Y

11.1. Value beyond $

11.1.1. Part Time Work Lack of Loyalty Contract Work

12. YEC Partners

12.1. Addictions Counselling

12.1.1. Mental Health Referral Business Partnerships Day Care Program

13. YEC Programs

13.1. Bursaries/Scholarships

13.1.1. Aboriginal Outreach Life Skills Single Mothers Support Program

14. Systems Considerations

14.1. Short-term Strategies

14.1.1. Long-term Strategies Consequences