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Holocaust by Mind Map: Holocaust

1. Kristallnacht

1.1. broken glass

1.2. November 1938

1.3. 100 Jews murdered and shops and homes obliterated in Leipzig

2. Jews Isolated

2.1. placed in ghettos and grouped Jewish people

2.2. barbed wires and stone walls

2.3. Jews struugleds to keep tradition

3. Flood of Refugees

3.1. many immigrants in 1939

3.2. hard for other countries to receive them becuase of of overpopulation for awhile

4. Final solution

4.1. tried to exterminate all Jews

4.2. Hitler's plan

4.3. reached final stage in 1942 but never carried out

5. Europe

5.1. where holocaust took place mainly germany

5.1.1. New node

5.2. where 6 million Jews died in concentration camps. Ann Frank was a famous young girl who died.

5.3. 4 million Jews survived concentration camps