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Food for Thought by Mind Map: Food for Thought
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Food for Thought

School as a kind of game

A journey/quest

Movement around the site

Searching for meaning

Non-linear narrative

Like a video game or episodic TV programme

Freedom of movement

Participants choose where to go


Strange encounters

Surprise and delight

The unexpected

New information affects decision making



A way of tracking progress

Promenade performance

Communication with others

Drama and Dance, Role play, Unusual locations

Tour guides, Sites of interest (to whom?), Like teachers?

Unreliable narrators, Question notions of the truth, Red herrings, misinformation

Imaginary school

Role Play

A different kind of organisation

A country?

A political organisation?

A business?

A vessel?

New rules apply

New constitution

Learning about forms of government

Power changes hands

Student leadership

Roles reversed

New Perspectives

Installations of material objects

Photography and projections

Classrooms as camera obscura

Projections on the outside of the building


Echoes and reverberations

Binaural recordings

Site specific installations


Emotion map


History of the site

Secret/ghost school

Interactive Google Map


A meal

A reward

A way to collect thoughts

Tallis Talk topic

Parents as participants?



Creative Tallis Blog

Arts Award project journals

Who, why, where, when...


Creative Tallis Group - clients/commissioners

Key stakeholders as audience


To think about creative learning

To think about our existing and new buildings

To explore our School of Creativity status


Thomas Tallis School


Second half of summer term

Next academic year