Social Organization and Economic Adoptation

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Social Organization and Economic Adoptation by Mind Map: Social Organization and Economic Adoptation

1. Theme

1.1. Hierarchy

1.2. Respect

1.3. Respectability

1.4. Reciprocity

2. Earning a Living

2.1. Traditional occupation

2.1.1. Each NAIKS has their relevant neighborhood and marketings

2.1.2. Chellas would comb the houses and maternity hospitals of their territories

2.1.3. Bless the new born/bride/groom

2.1.4. Asking for alms either from passerby or shopkeepers

2.2. Prostitution

2.2.1. Not accepted by family and ignored by society , so this became one of the possible ways for living lucrative source of income

2.2.2. Guru claims 50 to 100% of their earnings

2.2.3. Recruited from zameena class

3. Hijra Hierarchy

3.1. Gurus and Chellas

3.1.1. The quality of tradition Guru-Chella relationship of spiritual master and discipline

3.1.2. The guru expected to take care of chela as a parent does of a child

3.1.3. Chelas are expected to be the centre of the chelas social relationship

3.1.4. Chelas of same group are sisters and gurus guru becomes granny and gurus sister becomes aunt

3.1.5. Group cohesion not individualism is adopted

4. Communal Household

4.1. Laskarwallah

4.2. Chaklawallah

4.3. Lalazwallah

4.4. Bendiwallah

4.5. Bazaar

4.6. Poonawallah

4.7. Ballakwallah

4.8. Adipur