Is Bigger Better?

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Is Bigger Better? by Mind Map: Is Bigger Better?

1. Schumacher, E. F.

1.1. Benefits of Change

1.1.1. Improve Human misery and degradation

1.1.2. Those that have only labour to sell remain weakest

1.1.3. Emphasis on "production by the masses, rather than mass production" (Schumacher, D. F., 1973).

1.1.4. Intimacy with people, rather than machines

1.2. Status Quo

1.2.1. Current policies perpetuate powerful and rich becoming moreso

1.2.2. Industrial development near to "mega" cities

1.2.3. Large projects more economic

2. Chandler, A. D.

2.1. Benefits of Managerial Enterprise

2.1.1. Economies of Scale

2.1.2. Economies of Scope

2.2. Ignoring Managerial Enterprise

2.2.1. Poor decisions

2.2.2. Growth through diversification

2.2.3. Restructuring to be competitive

2.2.4. Business failure