Physical Anthropolgy

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Physical Anthropolgy by Mind Map: Physical Anthropolgy

1. Scientific Method

1.1. an empirical research method in which data are gathered from observations of phenomena, hypotheses are formulated and tested, and conclusions are drawn that validate or modiify the original hypotheses (CH 1 PG 16)

1.1.1. “ Science is a process that provides new discoveries that connect our lives in the world we live in” ( Spenser Pg 16)


2. Mitosis

2.1. The process of cellular and nuclear division that creates two identical diploid daughter cells.

2.1.1. “ DNA makes identical copies of itself, going from one double stranded parent molecule of DNA to two double strands of daughter DNA” (Spenser 62)

3. Reproductive Isolstion

3.1. Any circumstance that prevents two populations from interbreeding and exchanging genetic material, such as when two populations are separated by a large body of water or a major mountain range

3.1.1. “ If two populations of the same species become isolated such as by mountain range or a large body of water, enough genetic differences could accumulate for two entirely different species to emerge.” (Spenser 91)

4. Microcephaly

4.1. a condition in which the cranium is abnormally small and the brain is underdeveloped

4.1.1. “ others believed this skeleton belonged to a modern human who had some developmental or gentic abnormality.” (Spenser 426, figure 12.40)