H&S: Mikkel Hansen Campaign

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H&S: Mikkel Hansen Campaign by Mind Map: H&S: Mikkel Hansen Campaign

1. Problem Storming: Why didn't I relate to the MH commercial? (affective)

1.1. Mikkel as a "character"

1.1.1. He's a sports guy, I'm not

1.1.2. He has a cartoonish voice

1.1.3. Trust: would a superhuman athlete really struggle with minor problems such as dandruff?

1.2. The commercial's look&feel

1.2.1. very 1990's "american" always athletes falshing lights exaggerated animations of functionality

1.2.2. could be any athlete in that commercial

1.2.3. not creative standard no humour

1.3. Similar to other P&G's commercials

1.3.1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O20LUWtT5vI

1.4. if I had dandruff I wouldn't care much about the brand - but awareness is important. H&S would be the only dandruff shampoo that comes to mind

1.5. My first related thoughts on H&S products

1.5.1. cheap

1.5.2. medical

1.5.3. early 2000-ish product design http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wv5e5HUH5dk

1.5.4. shame: dont want people to know if I use it

1.6. stuck in middle

1.6.1. design looks like cheap shampoo

1.6.2. if its connected to my "health" (dandruff) maybe it should look more "medical" and professional

1.7. Conclusion

1.7.1. This commercial did NOT effect me in the way intended by P&G. Changed Brand belief from neutral to slightly annoyed negative towards the product I did not appeal to me - commercial, use situation or product Product attributes Seeing Mikkel Hansen using it, still didnt make think that dandruff shampoo is cool or something I should use unless its absolutely necessary + It did increase my awareness about the brand, however boring the commercial was I remember it because it was annoying It might have worked in cases were the girlfriend buys the shampoo (MH is a perceived as hot stuff among girls)

2. Alternatives

2.1. P&G

2.1.1. H&S http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaJFnGGECJo FUNNY!

2.1.2. Gillette: Masters of style http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cZH861tZhs humorous, cool and up to date. using various idols of our time

2.1.3. Old Spice Maybe over the top, but these commercials went viral very fast and re-introduced the brand to a younger audience http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTvtFp_iPKc&feature=fvwrel

2.2. unilever

2.2.1. Axe/Lynx

2.2.2. The Axe Effect

2.2.3. Cool and funny commercials

3. Idea storming: what could H&S have done differently to connect with consumers such as myself

3.1. untie the connection with sports and dandruff shampoo

3.1.1. Mikkel Hansen

3.1.2. Michael Phelps

3.1.3. Use other idols, music, arts, movies

3.2. Use more humor as in the other P&G commercials

3.2.1. if its just general awareness among the targets, then humor will work better than this sporty approach

3.3. shine up the product design

3.4. target the actual user more than his girlfriend

3.4.1. guys (especially in DK) tend to hate on "pretty boys

3.4.2. Use a more down to earth idol

3.5. "we dont even go to the doctor unless our arm is falling off - why should we care about a little dandruff?"

3.5.1. raise awareness about why dandruff should be treated

3.5.2. be inspired by Axe's marketing: what would the positive effects be of a dandruff free life? more positive attention from opposite sex more confidense (life & work)