Frameworks of ICT integration

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Frameworks of ICT integration by Mind Map: Frameworks of ICT integration

1. Disadvantage: the lowering of expectations for higher-level deliberation and reasoning among students by ascribing complex, interrelated processes to simple domain identifiers

2. is a framework for effective teaching which requires the teachers to have development of skills, competencies and knowledge in practice that goes beyond specific knowledge of particular disciplines, technologies and pedagogical techniques

3. Connectivism

3.1. is an educational theory which states that knowledge is transferred through networking tools which are constantly changing and because of this, there is always an update of new knowledge.

3.2. Advantage: It is a learner centered learning experience.

3.3. Disadvantage: Relies on a continuous relationship with the network

4. Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)

4.1. Advantage: The model is very easy to understand but also easy to use for every subject.

4.2. Disadvantage: Not all teachers have the same pedagogical, content, and technology knowledge

5. Blooms Digital Taxonomy

5.1. Is a framework to assist teachers in developing their learners’ digital skills within the classroom.

5.2. Advantage: Helps us navigate through the myriad digital tools and make choices based on the kinds of learning