Problem Solving

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Problem Solving by Mind Map: Problem Solving

1. Cause and Effect

1.1. Fishbone

1.2. Diagrams

2. Force Field Analysis

2.1. Driving/Restraining

2.2. Arrows

2.3. Inertia

2.4. Fear Factor

3. Six Thinking Hats

3.1. White

3.1.1. Objective What do we know? What do we need to find out?

3.2. Red

3.2.1. Emotional Gut reaction and intuition

3.3. Black

3.3.1. Negative and Cautious What could go wrong? Prepare for difficulties

3.4. Yellow

3.4.1. Positive and Constructive Optimistic, you see benefits

3.5. Green

3.5.1. Creative Thinking outside the box, all ideas are welcome

3.6. Blue

3.6.1. Thoughtful Keeps an overview, pulls different ideas together

4. Pros and Cons

4.1. Keeps focus on the positive and negative

4.1.1. You can 'weight' the ideas

4.2. End result may just not seem right - you may need to look again

4.3. Sometimes the best thing is 'to do nothing'

5. Brainstorming

5.1. Quantity rather than quality

5.2. No criticism

5.3. Include everyone

6. Random Input

6.1. Nothing to recommend it

7. Concept Fan

7.1. More suitable for business world