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Inspiration Board App
 [a.k.a. mood board]
 [a.k.a. sample board] by Mind Map: Inspiration Board App

[a.k.a. mood board]

[a.k.a. sample board]
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Inspiration Board App
 [a.k.a. mood board]
 [a.k.a. sample board]

the idea

a desktop or web app that allows you to visually display creative inspirations for you projects in a way similar to physical Inspiration Boards or Mood Boards

Mood Board background info and pics,,,,


a central repository of all of your inspirations for a project

similar to Twyla Tharp's idea of a "box"

enables discussion with clients

research tool

creating quick prototypes



mac, seems like a natural fit

windows, its a big market, but its windows, eww

adobe air, platform agnostic




desktop and web sync, syncs similar to evernote


revenue model

flat fee if its a desktop app

subscription based if its online

either for a hybrid

current competition

an all online solution

$5 per month subscription, unlimited boards

you upload all of your photos then it puts them together

REALLY scammy looking, very network marketing :-)

boards look terrible


havent found any real strong apps

some use Photoshop or Illustrator

total overkill, not efficient

mindmapping software

concept mapping software


holds mutliple types of media




embeddable video etc


allows quick organization/rearanging

similar layout to mindmaps

key concepts in the middle

tershiary concepts spider away from main idea

very simple interface

minimal features

page expands infinitely

an image focused mindmap rather than text focused

making your mood board

collecting samples, drag and drop media into it, integrate screen shots, isight integration for physical objects

ability to draw on the board, similar to Skitch or Omni Graffle, simple shapes, arrows, symbols

text, titles, notes