Transport in Plants

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Transport in Plants by Mind Map: Transport in Plants

1. Phloem

1.1. Function

1.1.1. Transport food in form of sucrose and amino acids from photosynthetic leaf cells to other parts of the plant. This process is called translocation and is not fully understood.

1.2. Structure

1.2.1. Sieve Tube Cells and Sieve Plates Each sieve tube cell or plate has a companion cell beside it, where the sieve tube cells and companion cells are living cells.

1.3. Adaptation

1.3.1. The holes in the sieve plates allow rapid flow of manufactured food substances through the sieve plates.

2. Xylem

2.1. Structure

2.1.1. Hollow and continuous lumen To allow smooth flowing of water and minerals

2.1.2. Lignin deposited on walls To strengthen xylem and support plant