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CSI by Mind Map: CSI
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Consorzio Suonatori Indipendenti, also C.S.I. ("Consortium of Independent Players") is an Italian band evolved from former punk/art band CCCP Fedeli alla linea. C.S.I. were founded in 1992 by Giovanni Lindo Ferretti and Massimo Zamboni, along with original members of the Italian band Litfiba. The naming conventions of the band followed political changes occurring around the time of the fall of the Berlin wall. Whereas the earlier band's name referenced the Cyrillic lettering for SSSR (i.e. USSR), "CSI" follows the conventions of the Italian acronym for the newly-established Commonwealth of Independent States. After Zamboni departed in 2000, the remaining members of C.S.I. continued in the form of Per Grazia Ricevuta.

The greater the height, the greater the speed of the blood upon impact and hence the larger the diameter of the blood stain.

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Blood Identification Talia, Lexxis, Christal, Zeph, Jemi, Vernis. (15, 13, 23, 12, 17, 26



Kastle-Meyer Reagent (Reduce phenolphthalein kept in alkaline solution in the presence of zinc) Colour change: Colourless reagent will turn pink. This is indicative of the presence of haemoglobin.

Chromatography Reg 4,9

definition:a physical separation method in which the components of a combination are separated by differences in their distribution.

variety of chromatographic processes:

Possible reasons for chromatography

Blood Splatter 8, 22, 27, 29, 31

Amount of Blood

Physics of the blood splatter

Properties of Blood

4 phases of impact of blood

Factors that affect the blood splatter formed

Fingerprinting 1,2,3,5,7,19,20

Fingerprinting Patterns

Identification Methods

Features of Fingerprints

Formed when substances like blood, dirt, ink and oils on the finger come into contact with a smooth surface.

Types of Prints