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Transport in Plants by Mind Map: Transport in Plants
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Transport in Plants

Manufactured Food Substances

Transported as sucrose and amino acids

Translocation is an active process that requires energy (Not fully understood)

Movement of water

Water enters the plant through the roots through osmosis

Cell sap in root hair has lower water potential than the surrounding soil solution. Therefore, water has to enter through osmosis (water flow from higher water potential to lower water potential)

Water passes by osmosis from the root hair cell to the inner cells.

This process continues until the water reaches the xylem vessels to be transported throughout the plant






Means: Loss of water vapour from aerial parts of the plant, especially through the stomata of the leaves

Dependent upon evaporation.

Factors affecting Transpiration

Transpiration Pull: As a result of transpiration, water moves up the whole column from the roots to the leaf. This is also how water get transported up the plant. The plant has to loose water to gain water.

Importance of transpiration : WILTING