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Mind Map by Mind Map: Mind Map

1. Body Image

2. Selfie Dysmorphia

3. Social Media's Impact on Body Dysmorphia

4. Beauty and Body Image

5. relates to: what a person believes about their appearance.

6. one of the girl's friend said that "if you are fat you should wear a one piece bathing suit and if you are skinny you can wear a two piece bathing suit"

7. Savannah from the Girls Ages 6-18 Talk about Body Image video, felt insecure because of her height and how she was taller than many of her friends

8. aspects (4): 1.The way you see yourself 2.The way you feel about the way you look 3.The thoughts and beliefs you feel about your body 4.The things you do in relation to the way you look

9. many of the girls from the Girls Ages 6-18 Talk about Body Image video, felt that they were too chubby, tall, or not pretty enough left them with no confidence and lead some to develop a eating disorder

10. a body-image order defined as a need to heavily edit one's digital image which also is a intense dissatisfaction with one's own appearance after using digital filter from facetune, snapchat, or even instagram

11. filter can change the shape of your eyes, change your facial feature to look a certain way, and can even make your skin smooth and poreless

12. facetune allows anyone to whiten their teeth, thin your nose, brighten your eyes, plump your lips, and change the change the shape of your curves all with a few buttons on the app

13. a whopping 24% increase in cosmetic surgery in patients due to famous celebrities and their "perfect" looks made many to make a decision to get cosmetic surgery

14. selfie dysmorphia can lead you to get a mismatch between how you perceive yourself and the images or filters you see on social media which also increases body dissatisfaction and a low self esteem

15. anybody can experience body dysmorphia especially those who have the "perfect body"

16. according to the Social Media's Impact On Body Dysmorphia video, life in a pandemic is severely impacting our mental and physical well being

17. during quarantine some developed habits that they though they stopped and the pandemic made them realize that those habits have come back

18. judging your body image left many torturing themselves by asking themselves if "they should have eaten that" and "i didn't really need that"

19. 85% of girls ages 8-10 believe that they are overweight

20. the number of girls under the age of 10 that are hospitalized for eating disorders has doubled

21. according to the Beauty and Body Image video, all celebrities that you see on social media are not who they actually are

22. social media can severely affect one's body image because many people who are typically exposed to thin, fit, and "idealized" body types on social media or out in the world will often compare themselves to peers and celebrities and alter their features to fit the beauty standard