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Blue Raven Group by Mind Map: Blue Raven Group

1. Our Blue raven group’s team of professional financial experts explores several national and regional mortgage lenders including Mortgage Bank and retail banks. We are an overall top pick for the best California Mortgage Bankers in U.S. Bank for some features. As independent Mortgage Bankers in Arizona are not influenced by one lender. We accumulate with several mortgage partners which means we work for the client, not for the bank. We are one of the leading U.S. producers of residential mortgage loans. Our team is Arizona’s well-skilled and experienced team located in San Diego, California. We pride ourselves to offer the best services to our clients and make the loan process simple, fast, and straightforward for borrowers seeking a Mortgage Bank in the Arizona area. Business Address -------------------- Blue Raven Group 1281 9th Avenue #3109 San Diego, California 92101