Cell Biology

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Cell Biology by Mind Map: Cell Biology

1. Cell structure and transport

1.1. Keywords

1.1.1. Eukaryotic cell Animal, plant and fungus cells. Their DNA is confined to a nucleus.

1.1.2. Prokaryotic cell Bacterium cell. Their DNA is not confined to a nucleus.

1.1.3. Diffusion The spreading of particles from area of high to low concentration.

1.1.4. Osmosis The diffusion of water through a partially permeable membrane from an area of high to low concentration of water.

1.1.5. Active transport The movement of substances from a dilute solution to a more concentrated solution. Requires energy.

1.1.6. Partially permeable membrane A membrane that only allows certain substances to go through.

1.2. Factors affecting the rate of diffusion

1.2.1. Higher concentration gradient = faster rate of diffusion.

1.2.2. Higher temperature = faster rate of diffusion.

1.2.3. Larger surface area of the membrane = faster rate of diffusion.

2. Cell division

3. Organisation and the Digestive system

4. Organising plants and animals

5. Communicable diseases