Respiratory and Circulatory Systems

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Respiratory and Circulatory Systems by Mind Map: Respiratory and Circulatory Systems

1. The Circulatory System

1.1. transports blood and other materials

1.1.1. Heart muscular pump

1.1.2. Blood Plasma Water Salts Plasma proteins Fibrinogen Antibodies White Blood cells Red blood cells Platelets

1.1.3. Blood vessels Veins Carry blood to the heart Arteries Carry blood away from heart Capillaries transport materials to and from cells

2. Respiratory System

2.1. body system which gas exchange happens

2.1.1. Important parts and their roles Nose Mucus Cilia Epiglottis regulates airflow into the trachea treachea Tube connects lyric to lungs alveoli Air sacks help with Gas exchange diaphragm Dome-shaped muscle

2.1.2. Gas Exchange In the alveoli Capillaries surround alveoli From higher to lower concentration

2.1.3. Diseases Mostly from smoking ​Emphysema ​Asthma ​Cystic fibrosis (CF)

3. By: Mariam Abdelfattah