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Concept map for integrating digital media in intermediate higher education Italian course lesson plan- Title TBD by Mind Map: Concept map for integrating digital media in intermediate higher education Italian course lesson plan- Title TBD

1. Prerequisite

1.1. Successful completion of freshman Italian

1.2. Or proven knowledge of conversational Italian. Must succussfully complete introductory exam.

2. Goal

2.1. Integrate digital media in sophmore level Italian course. Student will advance their conversational Italian language skills while incorporating digital media into their coursework. Students will be able to identify Italian regions and capitals.

2.1.1. Technology Internet link to .it website Vodcast create "commercial" tour e-brochure for an email list campaign?

2.1.2. Cognition Identify Italian regions and capitals. Examine Italian culture by examining history Develop conversational Italian language skills

3. Objective two

3.1. Student will select one capital and research its history and tourist attractions by utilizing the Internet website and online articles. Focus is for student to utilize and become familiar with .it websites to enrich current language skills.

3.1.1. Student will demonstrate fluency in Italian language by composing an essay written in the Italian language an analysis of research findings.

4. Objective four

4.1. Student will summarize their research findings in activity three by creating a presentation in PowerPoint or Vodcast

4.1.1. Student will demonstrate verbal fluency in Italian language by creating an oral presentation to justify to tour operator why tour would be successful.

5. Objective one

5.1. Student will correctly identify from interactive geographical map the 20 Italian regions and their capitals.

5.1.1. Students will be immediately assessed via electronic assessment tool.

6. Objective five

6.1. Student will generate an e-brochure for a potential tour package to Italy. The student will integrate multi-media such as hyperlinks and weblinks.

6.1.1. Student will develop an e-brochure to be posted on tour company website and distributed via email to customers. Brochure will detail daily excursions, prices, restaurants, lodging, and airfare. Live web-links to chamber of commerce, hotels, etc. should be included.

7. Objective three

7.1. Student will generate a report which breaks down the expenses and sites to be visited on the tour. Student will convert US dollars to Euros, learn metric system by figuring travel distance between tourist site locations. Students will examine the per diem cost for each tourist as well as the entire package cost for each tourist.

7.1.1. Student will create a preliminary report of the cost of the all inclusive package for each tourist. This should include airfare, hotel, restaurants, and any admission fees to tourist attractions.

8. Initial course concept: You work for a tour operator and have been given the task of developing a brand new seven day tour to Italy. To complete this task you will need to research Italian history and culture, map out daily excursions, present your findings to the tour company owner, and create a final e-brochure for potential clients.