SDGs Future Plans

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SDGs Future Plans by Mind Map: SDGs Future Plans

1. Zero Hunger

1.1. We will be doing food donations for the parts of the world that need supplies.

1.2. We are going to improve agricultural productivity in some countries to be able to supply other parts of the world that do not offer fertile land

2. Gender Equality

2.1. We are going to create a new law for equal payment

2.2. We will be doing methods that girls can learn to undertake and manage their lives for themselves

3. Clean Water and Sanitation

3.1. We are going to invest in adecuate for a good infrastructure to improve hygiene in the world

3.2. We are going to try to create tecnhnologies to save and maintain new water supply systems

4. Good Health and Well - Being

4.1. Invest in research to effectively prevent disease

4.2. Meat consumption will be reduced

4.3. It will have invested in education on hygiene and food in schools and universities

5. Reduced Inequalities

5.1. Improve regulation and monitoring of financial institutions and markets.

5.2. It will have encouraging assistance and foreign direct investment to regions where the need is greatest.

6. Sustainable cities and communities

6.1. Will be created career and business opportunities

6.2. By the end of 2030 it will have built safe and affordable housing

6.3. Investments will have been made in public transport, creating green public spaces and improving urban planning.