What is Technology?

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What is Technology? by Mind Map: What is Technology?

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2. My definition before:

2.1. Technology is anything tech-related. Everything that uses electronics such as:

2.1.1. 1. TV (Technology, 2016)

2.1.2. 2. Phone (Technology, 2016)

2.1.3. 3. Computer (GraphicsFuel.com, 2016)

2.1.4. 4. Radio (Iconshock, 2016)

3. My definition after:

3.1. Basic Explanation

3.1.1. Technology is anything useful, invented by a mind. ( TED, 2010) My own definition of Technology after researching: To simply put, technology is anything that makes humans life easier

3.2. In-depth Explanation

3.2.1. Definition What is technology? Technology is knowledge or set of tools that helps make things easier and resolve a problem. (Charles Tuck, 2019) As Li-Hua said in his article about Technology: Etymology Definition (Technology (n.), n.d.)

3.2.2. History of Technology in LIFE over time Languages The innovation of languages helped the number of humans in the plant to explode in a short period of time. and quickly become the dominant species on the planet. ( TED, 2010) The most Powerful force in the planet so far To a degree that it's become who we are Lets take Energy as an example: History of Technology in EDUCATION over time (SMARTEduEMEA, 2011): 30,000 B.C.E 510 B.C.E 105 382 1450 1600 - 1800 1920 1930 1960 1980 1990 1995

3.2.3. Why we need technology and where is technology going? (TED, 2010) We need technology to turn the bad ideas into good ideas Let's take nuclear energy as an example Technology is accelerating all the aspects of life Complexity Diversity Specialization Mutualism Ubiquity Sentience Evolvability Exotropy