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Oppörtunítìes Bëgin Here by Mind Map: Oppörtunítìes Bëgin Here

1. Our Contact

1.1. To Join Us?

1.2. Our Location

1.3. CHB's bloG

1.4. For financial advice?

1.5. mObile : +65 9389 7195

1.5.1. Have a chat with Chew Hock Beng

1.6. eMial

2. Why us

2.1. We C.A.R.E.

2.1.1. competence

2.1.2. attitude

2.1.3. responsible

2.1.4. expectation

2.2. We SHARE

2.2.1. Lateral communication

2.2.2. Embrace Technology

2.2.3. Friendly environment

2.2.4. conducive working environment

2.2.5. Learning Opportunities

3. The FA

3.1. Direction

3.1.1. MVG Mission Vision Goal

3.2. Value Human Capital

3.3. State of Art Training

3.3.1. FCP Basic FP Trg e.g. financial numbers Operations Fit & Proper Ethics Clientele Handling Type of services Personal Financial Advisory Corporate Financial Advisory Private Wealth Advisory Financial Alliance Islamic Wealth Advisory Services (FAiWA) NorthStar™

3.3.2. G60

3.3.3. MCM

3.3.4. MWT

3.3.5. PT Business Partners

3.3.6. Pillar of Wealth Wealth Maintenance Wealth Accumulation Wealth Protection Wealth Enhancement Wealth Distribution

3.4. Platform

3.4.1. Business Operations System iBOSS Autocue AutoSync Doc Mgt AQS LPC

3.4.2. Investment Advisory Management System FS

3.4.3. Life Insurance Advisory Management System IPC

3.5. Opportunities

3.5.1. Business Model Analysis Advisory Consultation Product implemenattion

3.5.2. Financial Advisory Path FC MGR

3.5.3. Wealth Mgt Path

4. 7CAPITAList

4.1. FP Concept

4.1.1. 7CAPITAL C creation A accumulation P protection I investment T tax-effective transfer A annualised L leverage

4.2. Principles

4.2.1. DOME Prognosis before diagnosis is malpractice! SWOT Begin with end in mind! GOAL The Pointer.The Map.The Guide HEARD Inspect what you expect! WYSIWYG

4.2.2. CBFC Clear Balanced Focus Confidence

4.2.3. PIE Premium.Protection.Profit. Income.Insurance.Investment. Education.Experience.Earning. good ETHICS is good business

4.3. Training

4.3.1. 1-1 D.I.S.C. TRUST Quotient

4.3.2. WSB

4.3.3. iFAce how to get more done with better results in less time how to find the right people to sell to how to build a book of business in a smart way how to sell the appointment how to help prospects to buy how to keep good business in the book

4.3.4. Resource info & data system