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Oppörtunítìes Bëgin Here by Mind Map: Oppörtunítìes Bëgin Here
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Oppörtunítìes Bëgin Here

Searching for financial advisory career? We can assist you in making the right decision!

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We C.A.R.E.






Lateral communication

Embrace Technology

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conducive working environment

Learning Opportunities

The FA

Who are we?


MVG, Mission, Vision, Goal

Value Human Capital

State of Art Training

FCP, Basic FP Trg, e.g. financial numbers, Operations, Fit & Proper, Ethics, Clientele Handling, Type of services, Personal Financial Advisory, Corporate Financial Advisory, Private Wealth Advisory, Financial Alliance Islamic Wealth Advisory Services (FAiWA), NorthStar™




PT, Business Partners

Pillar of Wealth, Wealth Maintenance, Wealth Accumulation, Wealth Protection, Wealth Enhancement, Wealth Distribution


Business Operations System, iBOSS, Autocue, AutoSync, Doc Mgt, AQS, LPC

Investment Advisory Management System, FS

Life Insurance Advisory Management System, IPC


Business Model, Analysis, Advisory, Consultation, Product implemenattion

Financial Advisory Path, FC, MGR

Wealth Mgt Path


Chew Hock Beng has designed, formulated & conceptualised the 7CAPITAL financial planning concepts & a few other principles to train his Finanical Consultant. This personal effort has placed him to be the key personal in his practice management.

FP Concept

7CAPITAL, C, creation, A, accumulation, P, protection, I, investment, T, tax-effective transfer, A, annualised, L, leverage


My Beliefs. My Principles. My System.

DOME, Prognosis before diagnosis is malpractice!, SWOT, strength, weakness, opportunity, threat, Begin with end in mind!, GOAL, S, M, A, R, T, The Pointer.The Map.The Guide, HEARD, "Homework", Engaged, Analysis, Recommendation, Documentation, Inspect what you expect!, WYSIWYG, Seek, Objective advice, Independence, Happy.Healthy.Wealthy., Gain, Work fulfilment, Clientele Satisfaction, Impact lives!, sUccess

CBFC, Clear, Balanced, Focus, Confidence

PIE, Premium.Protection.Profit., Income.Insurance.Investment., Education.Experience.Earning., good ETHICS is good business


1-1, D.I.S.C., TRUST Quotient


iFAce, how to get more done with better results in less time, how to find the right people to sell to, how to build a book of business in a smart way, how to sell the appointment, how to help prospects to buy, how to keep good business in the book

Resource info & data system