Some Basic concepts of Chemistry

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Some Basic concepts of Chemistry by Mind Map: Some Basic concepts of Chemistry

1. Molecular Mass Mass of one molecule; is a sum of atomic mass of different element. C6H12O6=12(6)+1(12)+16(6)= 180u,d,amu.

2. Atomic Mass Mass of single atom of an element. 1/12th of Mass of C-12 atom- Mass Spectroscopy-1.99 x 10^-23g.

3. Molar Mass Mass of one mole of substance 1 mole----> 6.022 x 10^-23 particles. Mass of one 'o' atom x Na= 16 x 1amu x Na= 16g.

4. Na----> Avagadro's no=6.023 x 10^-23=1/Na=1.66 x 10^-24

5. Percentage Abundance Formula= m1a+m2b+m3c/a+b+c=mav.

6. Mole Concept 1 mole:- 6.022 x 10^23 particles of subs. No. of mole= n=> Gives mass(g)/molar mass

7. STP: Standard Temperature Pressure (P=1atm), (T=O degree c= 273K)

8. N gases at STP= Given'l'

9. All formulas of mole concept 1.Given mass(g)/M.M. 2.Given no. of particles/Na. 3.Given vol. of gas(l)/ 22.4l