causes of the digital divide By: Yasser

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causes of the digital divide By: Yasser by Mind Map: causes of the  digital divide By: Yasser

1. geographic problems: Internet connections require physical infrastructure; cables between connected buildings and cables connecting one geographic region to the greater Internet.

2. government restrictions: The Internet is a powerful vehicle for communication and freedom of expression, empowering its users to communicate with other people across the globe and express their opinions. Sadly, some governments feel threatened by that freedom of expression and take efforts to restrict access to the Internet.

3. religion: some religions might find this technology and the internet something new, therefore might consider it a threat to their religion. Religious people will then choose to avoid damaging their pureness of their religion by completely restricting the internet of their lives.

4. financial problems: people need money to access the internet and buy the latest devices, such as computers, smartphones and tablets . ... Without these connections, the internet can be slow or non-existent.

5. age: because the internet and the current modern world technology is quiet new, old people who were used to other tools and devices might find difficulty adapting to using the internet, and since they suffer physically and mentally because of their age, they might as well not use the internet at all.

6. accessibility: since the technology is developing rapidly and taking less size, this might prove to be an accessibility problem for people with poor or damaged vision.