Innovation and development

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Innovation and development by Mind Map: Innovation and development

1. Regional Systems of Innovation

1.1. What are the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses?

1.1.1. With a population of more than 960,000 inhabitants and an economy based mainly on commercial, manufacturing and agricultural activities, Risaralda is an illustrative case of an 'emerging' RIS, that is 'where most organisations are present, but critical linkages and institutional frameworks to facilitate innovation are weak and fragmented. The strengths of the Risaralda RIS are in its own business environment, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure, human and research capital, its capacity to absorb knowledge and creative production (DNP and OCyT).

1.2. Contribute greatly to regional development

1.2.1. How to promote and implement Fostering an entrepreneurial culture, identifying technological and commercial opportunities Continuous learning: Boosting market information and environments to implement innovations Counteract resistance to change with mechanisms to promote and legitimize innovation and innovation culture.

1.3. Challenges affecting the CRS

1.3.1. Government intervention focused not only on individual organizations or their interactions but on the whole system in addressing failures.

2. Risaralda has achieved scientific performance by transforming its available inputs into better innovation outcomes, affected in regional competitiveness and innovation rankings, located in the fifth and sixth place of the 33 states of Colombia (including the Capital District), respectively. This coincides with a growing institutionalization of its RIS since 1994, with more policies to boost the contribution of innovation to regional competitiveness.