Considering whether you should get married

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Considering whether you should get married by Mind Map: Considering whether you should get married

1. The daily activities that I prefer to do should not cause issues to my partner since I spend more time with music and guitar which might be annoying to hear all the time.

1.1. I am a guitarist and my hobbies might be a problem.

2. I feel that adjusting one more person in the house or sharing our space with another person might be challenging since I am used to living alone and doing my things independently

2.1. Understanding responsibilities and sharing those might be challenging since we might have huge expectation or might underestimate the other person.

3. Issues like possessiveness and hatred might grow in some cases in marriage hence that destroys peace of mind and separation is intolerable.

3.1. Understanding expectations from each person during this long journey of marriage is tuff specially if the person starts criticizing the things each do.

4. Promising option: in this decision would be that marriage is not a bad idea if you get the right person who can understand you and your life. The issue narrow downs to one logical conclusion that the character of person/partner matters. To achieve a successful marriage, it looks like rushing is not a good idea, but to patiently wait till you are confident about whom you chose to share your life might be the right decisions to take.

5. Having a family is all about sharing love, caring for each other and living life peacefully. Its always good to share responsibilities with another person whom we trust so that life becomes less stressful.

5.1. Having a partner who likes and appreciates what you do in daily life can change your life in a positive way. Growth and happiness would the be the result of healthy relationship.

6. Lot of bad character/attitude issues/habits might change or disappear after marriage specially drugs, gambling, or behavioral issues if the person gets an understanding partner.

6.1. Life is short and its never late to get married and have a family to share love. Its believed that love has the power to change.

7. Nothing is a permanent suffering or a long-lasting promise if its just issues in married life, one has to freedom to chose even after marriage.

7.1. In case something goes wrong in married life then there is always chance to get help or divorce for good.