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Learning Goals by Mind Map: Learning Goals

1. Student Reponse

2. Descriptive Feedback

2.1. What was done well

2.2. What can be improved

2.3. Specific Steps for improvement

3. Success Criteria

3.1. "how they are going"

3.2. Standards/Rules for judgement of work

3.2.1. outlines successful attainment of learning goals

3.2.2. Characteristics, traits, descriptors

3.3. Co-constucted

3.3.1. bainstorm

3.3.2. sort and categorize

3.3.3. t-chart

3.3.4. add/revise

4. What to know by the end of learning

4.1. must be clear for successful self assessment

5. "where they are going"

6. Planning Assessment