The conversation between Kip and Annie at the Heads 150 & 154

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The conversation between Kip and Annie at the Heads 150 & 154 by Mind Map: The conversation between Kip and Annie at the Heads 150 & 154

1. After

1.1. Kip

1.1.1. meets Ted in his car

1.1.2. Ted tells Kip he is 'chasing the storm' and what happened to his music career.

1.2. Annie

1.2.1. starts to feel like it was her fault that grace was gone

1.2.2. Annie and Andrew walked home avoiding the TV cameras. she is wondering if her father is cross with her because she thinks that it is her fault that Grace is missing.

1.3. New node

2. Before

2.1. Kip's interview with police man

2.2. before Kip is wondering why he stole the bra in the first place.

2.3. Kip knew he has to do something: to find Grace.

2.4. Annie gets interviewed by policeman about the bra. if grace had one.

2.5. Annie wonders if Grace is still alive or if she had died. she thinks about how Grace was always very weak and was sick when she was a baby, which make the readers question about Grace. if she was still alive.

3. Annie

3.1. Thoughts

3.1.1. she is thinking of why Grace was taken away and if it was a person who took her away.

3.1.2. if kip was a helper

3.1.3. just wanted to know who he was

3.2. Feelings

3.2.1. she is feeling frightened becaues of how her dad said her name

3.2.2. confused becaues her dad is in a dream

3.2.3. Annie is feeling like she can't just sit around and let others find Grace so she goes to see if she can find Grace herself

3.3. Wonderings

3.3.1. what kip was crying about

3.3.2. what information kip knows

3.3.3. Grace wonders why her Dad reacts the way he does when she talks to Kip

4. Kip

4.1. Thoughts

4.1.1. He thinks he has been accused of kidnapping or hurting Grace. he thinks he has to do something about it. R

4.2. Feelings

4.2.1. Kip feels as if he has to say something, but he doesn't have the guts to say anything

4.2.2. lonely and lost.

4.2.3. he feels as if he is a failure and a disappointment

4.2.4. he feels that he has to be the one to find Grace because others accuse him of kidnapping or hurting her. then he could prove he had nothing to do with it.

4.2.5. he feels as if he is hiding a dark secret from himself. He feels that he did something bad. that he is something bad

4.3. Wonderings

4.3.1. he wonders what people think about him and why. 'what do i do?' he wonders if his actions will have an effect on himself or others

4.3.2. he wonders about himself: 'why did i lose the feeling, the great feeling of water against my skin? Why did i tense up when i hugged my mother? WHAT WAS HAPPENING TO ME?

5. Significance

5.1. it's the first time that Annie and Kip meet. It's one of the times the two sides of the story meet.

5.2. it shows that Kip is in a lot of trouble with himself

5.3. it shows that both Annie and Kip want the same thing: to find Grace.

5.4. they both feel guilty

5.5. Kip doesn't express his feelings. he closes up. he disconnects from the world

5.6. when Annie wants to say something to Kip, he doesn't talk back, which shows that Kip is lost in his own world and his mind is not made up.

5.7. Andrew dislikes Kip... even more.

5.8. Andrew is a very protective father and he cares for his daughters.