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3GPP Specs by Mind Map: 3GPP Specs
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3GPP Specs

36 Series

LTE and LTE-Advanced Radio Technology

TS 36.300

E-UTRA and E-UTRAN: Overall Description


RF, TS 36.101, E-UTRA; UE Radio Transmission and Reception (LTE Band), TS 36.104, E-UTRA; BS Radio Transmission and Reception (LTE Band)

Physical Layer, TS 36.201, E-UTRA; LTE Phy Layer; General Discription, TS 36.211, E-UTRA; Physical Channels and Modulation, TS 36.212, E-UTRA; Multiplexing and Channel Coding, TS 36.213, E-UTRA; Physical Layer Procedures, TS 36.214, E-UTRA; Physical Layer Measurements, TS 36.216, E-UTRA; Physical Layer for Relaying Operation

Layer 2, TS 36.321, E-UTRA; MAC, TS 36.322, E-UTRA; RLC, TS 36.323, E-UTRA; PDCP

RRC, TS 36.331, E-UTRA; RRC


TS 36.401, E-UTRAN; Architecture Description

S1, TS 36.410, E-UTRAN; S1 Layer 1 General Aspects and Peinciples, TS 36.411, E-UTRAN; S1 Layer 1, TS 36.412, E-UTRAN; S1 Signaling Transport, TS 36.413, E-UTRAN; S1AP, TS 36.414, E-UTRAN; S1 Data Transport

X2, TS 36.420, E-UTRAN; X2 Layer 1 General Aspects and Peinciples, TS 36.421, E-UTRAN; X2 Layer 1, TS 36.422, E-UTRAN; X2 Signaling Transport, TS 36.423, E-UTRAN; X2AP, TS 36.424, E-UTRAN; X2 Data Transport

MBMS, TS 36.440, E-UTRAN; General Aspects and Principles for Interfaces Supporting MBMS within E-UTRAN, TS 36.441, E-UTRAN; Layer 1 for Supporting MBMS within E-UTRAN, TS 36.442, E-UTRAN; Signalling Transport for Supporting MBMS within E-UTRAN, TS 36.443, E-UTRAN; M2 Application Protocol (M2AP), TS 36.444, E-UTRAN; M3 Application Protocol (M3AP), TS 36.445, E-UTRAN; M1 Data Protocol

LTE Advanced

TR 36.806, E-UTRA; Relay Architecture for E-UTRA (LTE-Advanced)

TR 36.808, E-UTRA; Carrier Aggregation; BS Radio Transmission and Reception

TR 36.814, E-UTRA; Further Advancements for E-UTRA Physical Layer Aspects

TR 36.815, Further Advancements for E-UTRA; LTE-Advanced Feasibility Studies in RAN WG4

TR 36.817, E-UTRA; Uplink Multiple Antenna Transmission; BS Radio Transmission and Reception

TR 36.819, CoMP Operation for LTE Physical Aspects

TR 36.826, E-UTRA; Relay Radio Transmissin and Reception

TR 36.871, E-UTRA; Downlink MIMO Enhancements

TR 36.902, E-UTRAN; Self-Configuring and Self-Optimizing Network (SON) Use Cases and Solutions

TR 36.912, Feasibility Study for Further Advancements for E-UTRA (LTE-Advanced)

TR 36.913, Requirements for Further Advancements for E-UTRA (LTE-Advanced)

33 Series


TR 33.106

Lawful Interception Requirements

TR 33.107

Lawful Interception Architecture and Functions

TR 33.108

Handover Interface for Lawful Interception

TS 33.220

GAA; Generic Bootstrapping Architecture

TS 33.246

Security of MBMS

TS 33.310

Network Domain Security (NDS); Authentication Framework

TS 33.320

Security of HNB/HeNB

TS 33.401

SAE; Security Architecture

TS 33.402

SAE; Security of Non-3GPP Accesses

TR 33.816

Feasibility Study on LTE Relay Node Security

29 Series

Signaling Protocol (Stage 3) - Network

TS 29.212

PCC over Gx (Diameter)

TS 29.214

PCC over Rx (Diameter)

TS 29.272

S6a: HSS - MME (Diameter)

TS 29.273

S6b: P-GW - 3GPP AAA (Diameter)

TS 29.274


TS 29.281


TS 29.061

SGi: Interwoking between the PLMN supporting Packet based Service and PDN

24 Series

SIgnaling Protocol (Stage 3) - UE to Network

TS 24.229

IP Multimedia Call Control Protocol based on SIP and SDP

TS 24.301

NAS Protocol

TS 24.623


23 Series

Technical Realization (Stage 2)

TS 23.002

Network Architecture

TS 23.003

Numbering, Addressing and Identification

TS 23.008

Organization of Subscriber Data

TS 23.203

PCC Architecture

TS 23.207

QoS Concept and Architecture

TS 23.234

3GPP Sytsems to WLAN Interworking; System Description

TS 23.246

MBMS; Architecture and Functional Description

TS 23.261

IP Flow Mobility and Seamless WLAN Offload; Statge 2

TS 23.327

Mobility between 3GPP-WLAN Interworking and 3GPP Systems

TS 23.401

Architecture for E-UTRAN Access

TS 23.402

Architecture for Non-3GPP (Wi-Fi) Access

TR 23.829

Local IP Access and Selected IP Traffic Offload (LIPA-SIPTO)

TR 23.830

Architecture Aspects of Home NodeB and Home eNodeB

22 Series

Service Aspects (Stge 1)

TS 22.146

MBMS; Stage 1

TS 22.246

MBMS; User Services; Stage 1

25 Series

Radio Aspects

TS 25.446

MBMS Synchronisation Protocol (SYNC)

26 Series


TS 26.346

MBMS; Protocols and Codecs

32 Series

OAM&P and Charging

Charging Management

TS 32.240, Charging Architecture and Principles

TS 32.295, Charging Data Record (CDR) Transfer

TS 32.296, Online Charging System (OCS): Applications and Interfaces

TS 32.297, Charging Data Record (CDR) File Format and Transfer

TS 32.298, Charging Data Record (CDR) Parameter Description

Performance Management

Configuration Management