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Setting up New Network by Mind Map: Setting up New Network
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Setting up New Network



Reading Technical Proposal

Internet Lines

Contract with SLC

Looking for a new service providers

Lease a new line for backup


User softwares

SUN Accounting



Autocad 2009

Document Controller

HR management

Essential Software

Office 2003

Window XP Pro

Window Vista Pro


Acrobat Pro 8


System software

MDeamon server (Email Server), User Account

Operating System, Red Hat 5, Fedora, MS Server 2003, MS Server 2008, 32 or 64 bit


System Devices


New Server

Virtualization, VMWare, Xen, Pemu

User Devices

Computers, Desktop, Laptop, Language, English, French

Priters, Network Printer, Color, Black & White


Ext HardDisk


Telephone System

Purchasing new telephones

Extend new ext number by purchasing new PBX

Extensions (102 exts)

First Floor: 30

Second Floor: 31

Third Floor: 40

Forth floor: 1



IP address, user computer address, Server computer address, Networking devices address, Printer address,, Localtion Address (ALGER/HMD), DHCP Pools, Server Pool ( -, (GateWay)Firewall, (Mail)Email server, (DC)Active directory Server, (File)Window File shared server, (DB)Database, (WF)FTP and Web Server, (RIS)Remote Installation Server, Old Email server, User Device ( -, Printer Pool ( -, CPrinter01

If we have 02 location

What will we do if we have 2 location Alger & HMD

What type of WAN technologies, Lease Line, VPN, Folder synchronization Application

Network Devices

Switches, Giga SW, 100Mbps SW


Cabling, Who?

Computers Systems, Servers, Domain Name Controller server, DNS Service, WINS service, DNS relay to HMD, AD service, Create Group,, Service), and HR),,, SupplyChain, Field, SubSurface(Sub Surface), Planning, Development, HSE, Drilling, Visitors, OU,, New Email Server, MDeamon, Exchange, File server, HDCP Server, Backup server, Printer Server, Database Server, Firewall, Setting up operating system Fedora9, Version Fedora 9, Services, Squid 3.0 stable, Network bandwidth monition, Webmin, SSH, IPtables, DNAT Mail Server => x.x.x.x, DNAT FTP and Web Server =>, DNAT Old Email Server =>, DNAT Radmin servers = >, VPN, IP Address, Local Address,, External Address, For Email:, For Internet:, For New Email : x.x.x.x/xx, IP phone, FTP & Web server, Remote Installation Server, HMD Server (DNS Relay), UPS, Old Email Server, Client (XP Pro), Joining domain, Freeze OS, List of vital software, Computer Checklist, User Information (User account), Setting Permisson, Add information

Domain Name registration

Best name

Another domainname.


Survey to get best name

IT Devices Management System

Purchasing IT Equipments



At least 03 Quotation

Invoice Processing

Electrical, Networking, telephony Cabling in alger office

Based on Civil design map

Find best solution of cabling


Services for cabling


SARL burest info

Another service providers