Philondria Decision Making Process

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Philondria Decision Making Process by Mind Map: Philondria Decision Making Process

1. Ideas/Motivation

1.1. Approval from God

1.2. Support System of Friends

1.3. Ideas realistically can be met in a realistic time period.

2. Purposed Aligned

2.1. What gifts do I have to manifest this vision?

2.2. How can I be the answer to a problem? ( youth being murdered, advocate for a need, family relationships)

2.3. What problem I care about that is bigger than me? What is plaguing those around me?

3. Time/Investment

3.1. Do I have too much on my plate?

3.2. A schedule for deadlines and meetings.

3.3. Seeing the rewards of investments.

3.4. How can I use the time I invest now through working and helping the public to do things for others without a lot of effort?

4. Targeted Audience

4.1. Me

4.1.1. Family

4.2. Women

4.2.1. Men

4.3. At Risk Youth

4.4. Ministry/Friends

5. Where is there a Need?

5.1. Is there a need where I am now (teaching, church, among friends and family)?

5.2. What resources do I have to meet the need (finances, technology, voice)?

5.3. How can I connect with my community to meet their emotional need or physical need?

6. Carrying out Decision

6.1. Advertising through Social Media Platforms

6.2. Contacting Friends through Phone/Planning Meetings

6.3. Sharing

6.3.1. Vision

6.4. Mentoring Others/Making a Difference

6.5. Sticking to decision... taking initiative...continuous activities with community and intended audience.