How we can improve our listening skills.

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How we can improve our listening skills. by Mind Map: How we can improve our listening skills.

1. Listen more, speak less: Speaking and listening requieres focus and skills.

2. Listening is an active process

3. Listening improves every area in your life.

4. Asking good questions and listening closely to audiences.

5. Benefits:

5.1. Listening for information: Find details /Collaborative more effectively for projects.

5.2. Listening for understanding: Quality of our relationships masivelly.

6. Skills can be development by practicing.

7. Advices:

7.1. Getting confortable with pauses.

7.2. Keep the conversation going.

7.3. Conferences: trying generate interest and at least be prepared.

7.4. No taking notes: Pay attention to gestures and facial expressions.

8. Phone calls:

8.1. Voice tone, reflecting back.

8.2. If you miss something, ask to repeat it.

8.3. Little confirmations: I see, I undestood, O.K.