My Equity and Inclusive Stance Plan of Action

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My Equity and Inclusive Stance Plan of Action by Mind Map: My Equity and Inclusive Stance Plan of Action

1. Setting Directions

1.1. Question school-wide and system-wide policies that may be marginalizing students (i.e. assessing students during Ramadan)

1.2. Engage in Professional Development with staff to reflect upon and examine personal biases

1.3. Be clear about developing an anti-racist and anti-oppressive learning environment

2. Building Productive Relationships & Developing People

2.1. Regularly invite parents and community to school to share (i.e. storytelling, career day)

2.2. Ensure parent council is reflective of school community

2.3. Explicit teaching of power, privilege and identity

3. Improving the Instructional Program

3.1. Staff use their knowledge of the community to drive instruction

3.2. Anti-racist/Anti-oppressive teaching is NOT an add-on

3.3. Educational tasks are action-oriented

4. Developing the Organization to Support Desired Practices

4.1. Focus on student's social and emotional well being to set the stage for learning.

4.2. Don't look at racialized students from a deficit lens

5. Securing Accountability

5.1. Use demographic data to drive programming

5.2. Survey students and parent community to learn about needs and interests

6. Equity & Anti-Oppressive Leardership

6.1. Engage staff in PD around power, privilege and bias (i.e. articles and book clubs)

6.2. Encourage regular conversation with students and staff around power, privilege and bias