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1.1. Protective Instincts

1.1.1. He gets 98% in protective instincts. Gets in a fight when the Tuohys got brought up Holds back his coach 'I got your back' Tells Mrs Tuohy to lock her car doors and stay in

1.1.2. He protects SJ when they are in a car crash.

1.1.3. Tells Lee Anne that he will protect her when they go shopping.

1.2. Michael joins the Tuohys

1.2.1. Makes them have Thanksgiving dinner at the table.

1.2.2. Lee Anne says that he can call her 'Mumma'

1.2.3. He says he doesn't want to be anywhere else.

1.2.4. SJ helps train up Michael for football

1.3. Michael's Childhood

1.3.1. Broken Home Never knew his dad Never knew his real lastname Mother can't recall the fathers name Mums a drug addict Quote from Miss Oher: Now when I count to three, You open your eyes the past is gone, the world is a good place, and it's all going to be okay. Has multiple siblings that his unaware of Child Welfare ripped him from his mother and brother Ran from foster family to find his mum Mother got evicted Never had his own bed.

1.3.2. Rough Environment Threats Threatened to kill Michael when he returned back to the projects Grew up around drugs and Alchohol

1.4. Schooling

1.4.1. Needs to pick up grades to be eligible to attend College Tutoring from Miss Sue Struggles to read, however he listens to everything Decision between Tennese and Ol Miss College Miss Sue tells Michael theres dead bodies under the Tennessee field Claims being made that the Tuohys only adopted Michael because they wanted him to be a footballer at Ole Miss Tuohys make donations to Ole Miss regulary

1.4.2. Arriving at College Saying goodbyes to family Achievment of getting to College

1.5. Racial Differences

1.5.1. Different sides of town Leigh hadn't been to Michaels side of town before Threatens boys in the project that if they are seen in her part of town there will be trouble

1.5.2. Stereo Types Lunch with upperclass friends Questioned her motives Thought it was not for good, just publicity Assumed the worst about someone they didn't know Asked how she felt about a black boy being under the same roof as her daughter


2.1. Michael

2.1.1. Education Doesn't understand school and grades and doesn't want to improve because he doesn't want to be there but he changes and realises with help from teachers that he knows things. Starts off with bad grades but improves. Doesn't want anyone to help him but then realises that he needs help.

2.1.2. Family

2.2. Coach

2.2.1. Doesn't give Michael a chance. He doesn't know him therefore doesn't know who to teach him. He realises when Lee Anne intervenes that sometimes you shouldn't just yell at someone.

2.3. Sean Touhy

2.3.1. Changes to become a better person. Learns to appreciate the people around him and accepts Michael as the person he is.

2.4. Lee Anne

2.4.1. Realises the good things in life and that doing good will make you happy.

2.4.2. New node

2.4.3. Doesn't agree with her friends when they are racist toward Michael thinking that he would be a danger toward Collins.

2.4.4. Appreciates her family a lot more when she realises what Michael had been through. e.g. has thanksgiving dinner at the table.

2.5. Collins

2.5.1. Collins disregards the racial comments made from her friends

2.5.2. Leaves her friends in the library breaks the race barrier and decides to sit with Michael at School

2.5.3. Acknowledges Michael at school and at the football game, realises he isn't different to anyone else


3.1. Lee Anne and Michael

3.1.1. OUTCOME: Fulfilment for both characters, helping to find themselves and love each other unconditionally. Care for each other like they are each others own and impact the lives of each other drastically. PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES:

3.2. SJ and Michael

3.2.1. OUTCOME: SJ loves having an older brother. He enjoys training him for football. Michael likes to protect SJ and enjoys his company. PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES: Contrast between big little and black and white. Opposites attracted. WHen they are training the use of how small SJ is compliments their relationship.

3.3. Burt and Lee Anne

3.3.1. OUTCOME: Burt and Lee Anne have quite a competitive relationship that added together help develop each others sense of leadership and taking charge. They together help Michael to bring out the best in himself through the opportunities supplied to him

3.4. Michael and Ms Sue

3.4.1. OUTCOME: Ms Sue guides MIchael to achieve the score he needs. To get through to Michael she meets with him at his level to eventually crack through to him and get to the point they both want to be at.

3.5. Sean Tuohy and Michael

3.5.1. OUTCOME: Sean Tuohys relationship with Michael changes drastically from the beginning of the movie when he was almost hesitant to take Michael in to the Tuohy family. He learns to get to know him, and accept him for who he is and what he brings to the family. It is during the scene when he helps Michael with his final essay, that you really see the change in relationship between these two vital characters.

3.6. Sean Tuohy and Lee Anne

3.6.1. OUTCOME: Sean Tuohy and Lee Anne show a very strong relationship with each other keeping each other in line. They love each other a lot and couldn't be seperated. They are extremely close and they bounce of each other to bring the best out of themselves as individuals.

3.7. Michael and Collins

3.7.1. OUTCOME: At the start Collins is a bit weirded out that there is a random black guy living with her but she gets used to it. Her friends find it weird and say things to her. She ends up treating him as a brother. She makes a significant leap in their relationship when she sat next to him in the library.

3.8. Michael and The Team

3.8.1. OUTCOME: Michael begins playing with his team with the complete wrong mind set. the Way he interacted with them socially, as well how he played with them. It was not until Lee Anne compared his football team to the Tuohy family michael loved so dearly that he began caring and playing for his team to the standard everyone expected. Michaels team becomes a huge part of him, and he becomes a huge part of the team.

3.9. Michael and Old Family/Friends

3.9.1. Michael is sick of the attitude that the people have from where he comes from. He doesn't find it funny or anything. He ignores them. When he sees his brother who he hadn't seen in ages he gave him a hug because they had been through the same thing and he felt empathy for him.