Fishing Trip

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Fishing Trip by Mind Map: Fishing Trip

1. Location

1.1. Off of Jupiter Beach, FL

1.2. Offshore experience

1.3. Headed out of Jupiter Marina at sunrise.

2. Fish Type

2.1. Mahi Mahi

2.2. Grouper

2.3. Ultimate Prize: White Marlin

2.4. Barracuda

3. Equipment

3.1. Fishing off of a 33 Center consol

3.2. Using heavier rods able to withhold bigger fish

3.3. Fishing chair used to help fight bigger fish

3.4. A gaf to hook such fish once near the bote

3.5. Offshore lures or live bait, this is to simulate real and fake bait

3.6. Sunscreen so I don't turn into a tomato.

4. Fellow Fisherman

4.1. My Dad

4.2. My Brother Teddy

4.3. My brother Tristan

4.4. My uncle Dave

4.5. My mom-who doesn't seem as excited as me

5. Food

5.1. The fish itself

5.2. Peanut butter and Jelly's

5.3. Gatorade & water to keep us hydrated

6. Weather Conditions

6.1. Headed out Sat, the 11th

6.2. Reports show 85 & sunny

6.3. Wave levels are choppy so leaving the chanell will be a struggle