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Greed by Mind Map: Greed

1. Teppy

1.1. He blackmailed Beppo so that he will carry crayfish and 2 birds for him every week

2. Beppo

2.1. When Mr. Tate invited Teppy for lunch, Beppo saw that he was eating all the food and he decided to start eating like a greedy man so that Teppy wouldn't eat it out.

3. Teppy

3.1. He woke up early every morning to steal the milk from Mr. Tate's cow, Mabel.

4. Teppy

4.1. Beppo wanted some mangoes from on his mango tree, but Teppy made sure he didn't get any, by getting a guard dog to watch his mango tree.

5. Teppy

5.1. He lied to Beppo and told him that he was eating alligator jowls, so that he wouldn't want any of his food.