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Behaviorism by Mind Map: Behaviorism

1. Aspects Positives

1.1. Focuses on observable, measurable behaviors.

1.1.1. In behaviorism, responses to environmental stimuli shape our actions.

2. Aspectos Negativos

2.1. This is only for understanding human behavior.

2.1.1. When a long period elapses between the behavior and the reinforcer the response is likely to be weaker.

3. types of conditioning

3.1. operant conditioning

3.1.1. reinforcement If you tell us who are the most involved in class, it will help them in the future if they need it then we will all be didactic.

3.1.2. punishment emily is touch a hot stove, was burn their hand.

3.2. classical conditioning

3.2.1. stimulus- response The smell of a certain perfume reminds you of a close friend or loved one.

3.2.2. reinforcement You back off seeing a snake when you've never encountered one, except in pictures or stories.

4. main contribuitors

4.1. ivan pavlov

4.2. John Watson

4.3. Frederic Skinner

4.4. Edward Thorndike