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LRNT 505: Successful online learning Community of Inquiry by Mind Map: LRNT 505:
Successful online
Community of
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LRNT 505: Successful online learning Community of Inquiry

spiral metaphor: through reflection and building knowledge, deeper understandings are developed

Learning theories

motivational theories

personality styles

learning styles

developmental theories


critical thinking

cognitive presence

roles and responsibilities

knowledge, opportunity, intelligence, involvement, connections

community, collaborative

learner, understanding, culture, diversity, skills & talents, learning styles

assessment, expectations, formative, summative

philosophies of e-learning

teaching presence


learner to content

learner to learner

learner to teacher


humour, enhances learning, motivation, boundaries, engagement, relieves stress, motivation, community building

teams, sustaining motivation, shared accountablility, comfortable space, clear expectations, social presence, team consensus, social loafing, cyberstress, dominant presence, clear expectations, conflict

guidance to learners

tools & techniques

social presence: community

designing community

learning theory



creating community


common goals

clear guidelines

defining community



value of community

comfortable environment

teacher presence