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Abdominal Pain by Mind Map: Abdominal Pain

1. GIT causes

1.1. stomach

1.1.1. Peptic ulcer disease Gastritis Cancer

1.2. liver/spleen/gallbladder

1.2.1. Hepatitis (infection, chemicals, medication, alcohol) Liver abscess (bacterial, parasitic, fungal) Cholecystitis Biliary Colic

1.3. pancreas

1.3.1. Pancreatitis

1.4. bowel

1.4.1. Obstruction Appendicitis Diverticulitis Faecal impaction Dysentery Inflammatory bowel disease

2. Urinary tract

2.1. Pyelonephritis Nephrolithiasis

3. Reproductive

3.1. PID Ectopic Pregnancy

4. Peritoneum

4.1. Peritonitis eg. Bacterial, TB

5. vascular

5.1. Dissecting AA

6. medical

6.1. Diabetic Keotacidosis Lower lobe pneumonia Myocardial Infarction

7. Characteristics

7.1. * Inflammatory Constant, localised, worse with movement, guarding, rigidity * Obstruction Intermittent, colicky, writhing, radiates (scapula, umbilicus, groin) * Vascular Sudden severe or dull/ constant * Acute Abdomen Sudden, severe, persistent

8. Bowel obstruction

8.1. small bowel

8.1.1. clinical features Vomiting Early – bilious (green/yellow), large amounts Later may become faeculant Early per-umibilical pain, intermittent cramping Loss of appetite

8.1.2. abdominal signs Abdo distension may be absent Bowel sounds may be normal

8.1.3. causes Paralytic Ileus Adhesions Small intestinal volvulus Intussusception Strangulated Inguinal hernia Stricture eg. Crohn’s disease

8.2. large bowel

8.2.1. clinical features Vomiting Later – may contain food particles, foul odour, faeculant Pain later, localised, intermittent, colicky Loss of appetite may not be present Constipation

8.2.2. abdominal signs Abdominal distension Hyperactive bowel sounds – tympanic / borborygmi

8.2.3. causes