The Industrial Revolution


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The Industrial Revolution by Mind Map: The Industrial Revolution

1. Improved the agriculture and involved major developments such as the enclosure of open fields and the adoption of new farming techniques.

1.1. Farmers also adopted new farming methods and techniques including the seed drill, the plough and improved breeding methods.

1.2. This increased the amount of food that was available, these surpluses were sold off to feed the urban population and this was potentially profitable.

2. ​Education changed during the Industrial revolution.

2.1. *Schooling was an important part of life.

2.2. *Nearly the entire country's children were well educated and the country was developing in power and strength.

2.3. *Mechanics' Institute Night schools were offered for working men to earn their knowledge in education.

2.4. *The country built many libraries so you could improve your learning.

3. Diseases accounted for many deaths in Britain during the industrial revolution.

3.1. After the industrial revolution, health got much better.

4. The Industrial Revolution has changed the way of working, treating people, educating people and a lot more.

4.1. But transportation has had a big part in all of this.

4.2. Roads, canals and bridges were built

4.3. Railways and steamboats were built.