Physiology, Consciousness and Veda

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Physiology, Consciousness and Veda by Mind Map: Physiology, Consciousness and Veda

1. Pure Consciousness

1.1. Exists in Non-Material Functioning of Brain

1.1.1. sun PC

1.1.2. reflector physiology

1.1.3. reflection experience

2. Making Meaning of Experiences

2.1. Paradigms

2.1.1. Materialism old model brain creates Consciousness

2.1.2. Maharishi Vedic Science new model Consciousness is primary

3. Brain

3.1. Inner Intelligence Shapes Brain Connections

3.1.1. grey matter dendrites (input) cell body (processing) axon (output) connections increase w/ age

3.1.2. white matter astrocytes (structure) myelin (speeds action potential) increases from birth in three stages

3.1.3. 0-3 yrs neural exuberance sensory-motor sys. are myelinated

3.1.4. 3-7 yrs all possibilities

3.1.5. 7-10 yrs corpus callosum is myelinated allows abstract thinking

3.1.6. 10 yrs neural pruning loss of dendritic spines not in use

3.1.7. 10-25 yrs emotional wholeness frontal cortex is myelinated

3.2. Experience Changes the Brain

3.2.1. What you put Your Attention on Grows reinforce old habits or create new ones experiences imprinted in structure and functioning of brain

4. The State of Sleeping

4.1. Prepares the Body for the Next Day

4.1.1. two-process model sleep pressure grows each hour circadian rhythms 24 hr cycle

4.1.2. more delta EEG during sleep in the areas of the brain used in waking state decreased blood flow

4.1.3. neural houskeeping sleep dirt is removed, energy molecules are restored

5. Perception

5.1. We Create our own Reality

5.1.1. active process of taking apart what we see and putting back as what we expect to see

5.1.2. physiology of the eye influences what we see

5.1.3. lateral inhibition, mach bands, neural recovery, and binocular convergence create illusions

5.1.4. where we put our attention (flow of consciousness going out) determines what we see (sensory info coming in)

5.1.5. cognitive orientation TM creates the perception of more positive experiences

6. Meditation Practices

6.1. Have Varying Degrees of Benefit

6.1.1. TM subjective experience quiet settled mind objective experience EEG coherence in alpha and beta1 increased frontal power and coherence decrease in heart rate transcends emotion, perception, and intellect w/ no restriction of mind resets healthy functioning of Autonomic Nervous System

6.1.2. Focused Attention restricts mind gamma EEG

6.1.3. Open Monitoring non-reaction theta 2 freq band

6.1.4. Automatic Self Transcending transcends the steps of the practice leads to PC alpha1

7. Decision Making

7.1. Low Road Responses

7.1.1. Operant Conditioning voluntary behavior shaped by consequences

7.1.2. Classical Conditioning reflexive responses tied to other stimulus events

8. Physiology is the Expression of Veda and Vedic Literature

8.1. Every State of Consciousness has a Corresponding State of Physiology

8.1.1. Veda knowledge of self-referral consciousness knowing itself knowing it is a three in one structure

8.1.2. Samhita Eternal silence eternal interaction between Rishi, Devata, and Chhandas creates eternal hum of Veda

8.1.3. 8 in the brain Rishi is input Devata is processing Chhandas is output

8.1.4. Natural Law reverberations within the Unified Field creating patterns as Veda eternally expresses itself our physiology and the entire universe are based on these patterns

8.1.5. Experience 'A' collapses onto its point value 'K' during observation coming together of Rik and AK when the impulse is observed the object is perceived

8.1.6. Dynamics of the Gap mantra dissolves into silence then into the next sound eternally Pradhwamsa - Prag- Atyanta - Anyonya the space of pure potentiality

8.1.7. Dynamics of the Synapse space of all probabilities

9. The State of Dreaming

9.1. Supports Auto-Activation

9.1.1. REM

9.1.2. brain patterns mimic waking

9.1.3. low-voltage mixed frequency

9.1.4. increase in slow theta activity 4-6hz

9.1.5. activates structured forgetting

10. Transcendental Consciousness

10.1. The 4th state

10.1.1. physiologically different from waking, dreaming, and sleeping

10.1.2. increased sense of Self

10.1.3. apneustic breathing

10.1.4. no thought but awareness of Self

10.1.5. state of consciousness with no external mental content

10.1.6. self-awareness is the subject and object of experience

11. Cosmic Consciousness

11.1. Continuous Presence of TC During Sleeping, Dreaming, and Waking States

11.1.1. witnessing sleep inner awareness during sleep

11.1.2. higher alpha 1 activity w/ Delta

11.1.3. grows from 1st meditation

11.1.4. innate in brain physiology

11.1.5. two parts of the functioning of the nervous system co-existing

12. Motivation

12.1. The Fundamental Desire to Grow and Expand

12.1.1. Action - Impression - Desire Cycle ties us to the past

12.1.2. Autonomy - Mastery - Purpose expands happiness