Waste Management App

Waste management Mind Map

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Waste Management App by Mind Map: Waste Management App

1. Layout

1.1. User Interface

1.2. Green Theme

1.3. Website

2. Customer Care

2.1. AI chat bot

2.2. 24/7 Customer Service

3. Registration

3.1. Location

3.2. Phone Number

4. User side Features

4.1. Scheduling Pick Ups

4.1.1. Notifications on reaching location

4.2. Optional Donation

4.3. Feedback

4.4. Statistical Data

4.5. Reporting Waste Dumping

4.5.1. Inappropriate Activities

4.5.2. Dump Site

4.5.3. Usage of Drones and CCTV cameras

4.6. Thought Provoking Quote of the Day

4.7. Selling reusable material with points that can be used for redeeming stuff like Netflix subscription etc.

5. Employees

5.1. Apply for job through app

5.2. Efficient Route Map

5.3. Uniform with thought provoking quotes

5.4. Collecting waste and delivering to waste management factory