1.9 Best Practic

A Certification : Chapter 20 : Working with Linux and macOS

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1.9 Best Practic by Mind Map: 1.9 Best Practic

1. Best Practices

1.1. Anti-maleware updates

1.2. Scheduled backups

1.2.1. Duplicate copies of key information

1.2.2. Storage Working copies/ Shadow Copies on-site update freq immediate recovery

1.2.3. Journaling JFS- journaled file system Restore if deletion applic errors natural disasters physical attacks hardware failure virus log of changes over time allows unsaved data to be written after recovery

1.2.4. On-site storage containers fire rated

1.2.5. Off-site storage away from computer system

1.3. Scheduled disk maintenance

1.3.1. Defragementation Linux ext3 et4 files on the fly defrag Mac APFS on the fly defrag

1.4. Systems update/ App store

1.4.1. have updates

1.4.2. iphone/ ipad settings>general>software update

1.5. Patch Management

1.5.1. patches fix a lot

1.5.2. mult patches rolled into update

1.5.3. time critical for security patches

1.6. Driver Firmware Updates

1.6.1. Back up configurations before applying

1.6.2. must authenticate

1.6.3. Mac OS performed by software updates