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Theme: ANIMALS by Mind Map: Theme: ANIMALS

1. Art: Make animal cards.

2. Listening activities:

3. Music: Sing the animal rap.

4. Life skills: Knowing yourself and others.

5. Accepting differences.

6. >Listen to the new vocabulary related to "animals":Bear, camel, lizard, owl, penguin, shark, sea lion, toucan, etc.

7. >Identify animals according to the characteristics that you hear.

8. Reading:

9. >Read a short story called "The lion and the mouse".

10. >Read an article called "Pets in different places".

11. <Read and act out a dialogue "at the zoo".

12. Maths: Count and say how many animals there are at the zoo.

13. Science:

14. -Kind of animals

15. -Animal body parts

16. -Habitats.

17. -Animals in danger

18. Speaking: Talk about animals' hábitats, their abilities and main characteristics.

19. Writing: write a short descriptions about animals.

20. <Read an article about animals in danger.