Credibility of Sino-Soviet Relations

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Credibility of Sino-Soviet Relations by Mind Map: Credibility of Sino-Soviet Relations

1. Actions different from what was agreed on

1.1. Many bilateral signed agreements were delayed/put-off/ignored by the Soviet Union

1.1.1. New Defense Technology Agreement (1957): Moscow agreed to give Beijing a sample Nuclear Weapon

1.1.2. Agreement in 1955: China's uranium mining Expected enduring opposition to the American “imperialists” who supported KMT

1.2. Nuclear Program

1.2.1. did not deliver technical documentation and equipment for the construction of a nuclear submarine fleet

1.2.2. CC CPSU communicated to the CC CCP on 20June 1959 that the USSR would terminate the deliveries of technical documentation and necessarymaterials for the production of atomic weapons

1.3. Soviets unwilling to send technical experts or reveal technological knowledge

1.3.1. Chinese exchange visitors asked a lot of sensitive questions (that may be considered as intrusive): Meeting of the Chinese representatives with the Ministry of Defence

1.3.2. Soviets tried to give general answers instead

2. CCP and Soviet Union relations weakened

2.1. Unsure of where loyalties lie

2.1.1. Getting friendly with Eisenhower and Nehru

2.1.2. "Since last September com. Khrushchev has personally attacked our country and Party many times causing us alarm" -Deng Xiao Ping

2.2. No help from Soviet Union during the Sino-India War and Korea War

2.3. Personality Clash

2.3.1. Chinese- prideful, petty, sensitive, reckless

2.3.2. Soviet Union- passive aggressive, trying to be politically correct

2.4. Soviet Union keeping track of "slip-ups" by CCP

3. Nationalistic and Self-reliant nature of China

3.1. Heavy emphasis on being independent (ziligengsheng)

3.2. Recognized their initial over reliance on the Soviet Union: During the first five-year plan, important [infrastructure] construction was all basically Soviet-designed, and most equipment and technology was imported in sets. This period was very helpful for us, allowing us to quickly master technology."

3.3. Annoyed at being at the "mercy" of the Soviet Union