Stat300W: Statistics Communication

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Stat300W: Statistics Communication by Mind Map: Stat300W: Statistics Communication

1. Specific Context

1.1. 25-40 students

1.2. Previously 3 hrs FTF lecture

1.2.1. Propose 2 hrs FTF active learning, asynchronous lectures

1.3. Need classroom suitable for group work

1.4. Need screen/projector for presentations and brief lectures

2. General Context

2.1. W Course: writing and revising

2.2. Exposure to different types of statistical writing

2.2.1. Critical analysis of published work

2.2.2. Summarizing of technical paper

2.3. Practice expressing statistical concepts and results for different audiences

2.3.1. Written summaries, papers, reports

2.3.2. Oral presentations

3. Nature of subject

3.1. Practical course

3.1.1. Application of knowledge learned in other courses

3.1.2. Exposure to new settings/applications for skills learned in other courses

3.2. Mostly convergent, though final project has a divergent aspect

4. Learner Characteristics

4.1. Fourth year Stat Majors

4.2. Must have had lower level W course and Stat 350

4.3. Students have limited (or no) experience communicating statistical ideas to other people, particularly to non-statisticians.

4.3.1. Many students come into class with apprehension about reading and writing

4.3.2. Most students are more comfortable with presentation than writing.

4.4. Estimated 70% to 100% of students are EAL. Many have very poor written English.

4.5. Most students appreciate the exposure to real world situations and new applications presented in class

5. Instructor Characteristics

5.1. Philosophy: (1) Learning requires practice as well as study. (2) Learning doesn't stop with graduation.

5.2. I enjoy team teaching with good TAs, especially for Stat 300. This results in more quality attention to individual student needs.

5.3. I am concerned about students' real world preparedness

5.4. I provide as much instruction/coaching on writing skills needed for technical writing as is feasible.

5.5. I try to provide fresh and relevant topics and projects

5.5.1. For some projects, I provide multiple topics and assign students to a topic suitable for their background (e.g. what courses they've had).